Wednesday, June 01, 2011

activity days

a couple of weeks ago the activity day girls group headed out to the trails.
it was a nice evening, a nice walk, and they are nice girls.
then we went off the trails, into a field- to try to take some pictures,
and wowsers- were there ever tons of mosquitoes there.
they are so bad around here this year.
it seemed like all the millions of mosquitos all hatched at once-
there were none, then wham-o. bazillions of them.
the worst thing about them
(to me, anyways)
is when you are in bed, lights out, and you hear one buzzing around your head.
I hate that!
maybe all the snow in winter isn't so bad.
at least there are no mosquitoes!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

ya.. one nice day would be nice- without snow, cold, wind, rain or mosquitoes. Oh... why oh why do I live here??