Wednesday, July 13, 2011

rainy days and wednesdays always get me down

last week we had sunburns.
this week they are fading away.
our internet wasn't working for a few days.
and that was hard. let me tell you.
but it is back.
and hopefully the sun will come back soon.
I miss it.
but I don't miss the sunburns.
must remember to apply more sunscreen more often.
the boys are back.
they had a good time.
if you call having porta parties in the porta potties a good time.
and I think they did.


Anonymous said...

I heard Pres. Mendenhall joined one of the porta parties that already had 7 boys in it. Boys. I'm just glad I will never be a YM leader.


Dixie said...

Haha! Pres. Mendenhall is reading this blog over my shoulder as we are vacationing in Utah. Funny!