Saturday, July 09, 2011

this week

the boys were at scout camp,
so it was just me and these two silly girls all week long.
we had some fun-

watched Monte Carlo,
ate pizza,
too many late nights,

but man, today we headed out to 2 places and I was just telling them to shh, and stop touching each other, and just be quiet for a bit.
yikes. is it really only the first week of summer vacation?

heaven help me!


Joanne said...

hello!!!! was Monte Carlo good? what a fun date with just the girls!! See you soon.

Andrea said...

What are you complaining about? You had a whole 24 hours alone to do whatever you pleased!

shelleyjanae said...

You went to Monte Carlo without me?!?! How rude. Hope you had a fun girl week... and are now having fun with everyone home!! Good times. Just wait until you are all stuck in a van for days... and days... and days. :)