Wednesday, August 03, 2011


the search for the lap top will be in earnest today- maybe even a reward offered.
do things always turn up in your house when a reward is offered?
that is when kids start to really look and things are usually found.

some pictures that were took with an itouch-
it was getting dark, but Maggie (and Jack) got to ride Cory's uncle Jack's horse Maggie.
so fun!

we saw the beautiful
Salt Lake City temple.
first time my kids have been to Utah-
and the first time Cory and I had been there together!

riding the carosel at Lagoon- I told my kids that every time I drove past there as a kid- on our family trips past or to utah, I always wanted to stop there but we never did- and here they are on their first time to utah, and at lagoon. they said they never even had the opportunity to want to go- they just got to. lucky ducks.
(and the real reason we got to go to lagoon is because we crashed Uncle Jack's family reunion- and we didn't even see all the cousins there. it was crazy busy, and crazy hot.)

there is a taste of our holiday.
hopefully more to come soon when the laptop is found.


Kayli said...

Totally jealous that YOU were at my family reunion and I wasn't. Lame, man.
But-- Maggie on Maggie- that is cute!
Does that mean you're not coming to Switzerland?

Joanne said...

that sounds super fun and now I want to go to Lagoon! I agree with Kayli- Maggie on Maggie. way fun!!!!

Andrea said...

Such fun! Hope the laptop is found so I can see more. If I come find it, do I get a reward??

Lynn said...

Such great memories of Lagoon I have as well, as a kid.

So glad your family was able to join you this time.

Crazy to know that yours and D and me were all there at the same time. We might of passed each other by and didn't even know it!

It certainly was CRAZY hot there.