Tuesday, August 30, 2011

time capsule

years ago,
when I was a councellor in the young women program in our ward at church,
we did an activity where we made time capsules.
we sealed them in large cans at the church cannery, and there it sat for a long time.
the label got wet, and I couldn't remember when we were supposed to open it,
so we rediscovered it in the garage recently,
and decided to open it in our family home evening last night.
we discovered it was supposed to be a 10 year time capsule, and I sealed it up in 2004 or so,
so it was opened a bit early, but fun to see.
the boys had put in toys, a spider man figure, a hot wheel motorcycle thing, some yu-gi-oh cards, I had put in a few flyers from the grocery stores-
but the funnest thing was a cassette tape we had made with little interviews with the kids.
how fun it was to hear their little voices again.
Ben when he was 8- and was talking about the rescue hero toys he got for Christmas,
Jack when he was 6, and what he would buy me if he had a lot of money- (a black cowboy hat ?!) - he had the cutest little voice - he couldn't say his r's. adorable.
and little Jed. so sweet. even sadie was talking a bit- she was only 2.
what a fun reminder of when those boys were sweet and little.
now they are just big stinky boys.
why do they grow up so fast?


Lynn said...

Oh you got me all excited to open up our time capsule early too! But my family would kill me. I promised that we wouldn't touch it till 2025. We had made it on the eve of Y2K. lol.

So we have a while to go yet....

But when you talked about listening to your kids and how they sounded on tape......it got be teary eyed. I know. But seriously. The kids grow up SO fast. I hope our tape will still work when we finally open up ours. Or at the very least have a machine around that will actually PLAY it. *sigh*

Andrea said...

So fun. You did have cute kids, and they still are cute even if they are stinky.
I saw an idea to do something similar at the start of the school year, then look at the end of the year, so we'll try that. 9 months won't be too long to wait, but still fun to see the changes.
I love little kids voices. Cuteness. I must do some video of my kids today.