Thursday, November 03, 2011

melt down

this morning was a melt down of epic proportions.
sweet little miss maggie was having a hard time.
you see,
she had on a pink and brown striped shirt, and the only pants that would match were her brown ones,
that she couldn't find.
they were found later,
but before that I pulled a few of her jeans out of the dryer,
so then she didn't know which pants to wear.
I know.
serious business.
so she cried and wailed
and was screaming- "I don't know"
over and over and over.
she didn't really have tantrums as a toddler.
maybe a few, but nothing major.
I think she saved them up for her 6th year.
she did pick out the jeans she wanted,
but they didn't go with the shirt.
(I did tell her that everything goes with jeans)
so anyways, she picked out a new shirt, blew her nose,
wiped her tears and was happy when I took her over to school.

- the picture is from a previous melt down-
when she HAD to come and deliver papers with us, then half a block down decided she wanted to go home. but no one was home, so I said she had to keep coming. yowsa.
thank goodness she is mainly a very happy go lucky girl.


Andrea said...

It's a hard life I tell ya.

crystal b. said...

We are still having meltdowns at my house, and my kids are 14 and 16. {Sigh}