Thursday, November 10, 2011

thirteen on thursday

haven't done one of these in a long time- but I also am not blogging much lately, so I have lots to share.

1. the kids are on fall break this week. no school. nice, and not nice. sleeping in is wonderful!
the fighting I could do without.

2. no snow yet! I am still in shock! but loving it!

3. I have had a tooth ache for the past couple of days- I went to the dentist yesterday and found out I needed a root canal. fun.

4. this morning I had a root canal. it was not so fun.

5. our super saturday is this saturday. I am helping plan it. it is stressful. (it is a craft day for the women at the church)

6. I am decorating the church gym for it- I am excited! hopefully it will turn out like I imagined it!

7. I am excited for the craft I am doing. I will show you it when it is done! hopefully it will be cute!

8. I applied for a job to be a lunch room sub.
I never heard anything more.
last week a lunch lady called to see if I could sub for her.
I guess I was hired!

9. I did a craft sale last weekend with my sister.
one of the better sales, but still not very good.
why do we keep doing them? I don't know.
maybe someday we will go big! sell out.
but probably not.

10. tonight Jack and I are going on a date to see the last Harry Potter movie.
yes, I have not seen it yet. I am excited nonetheless.

okay - I am drawing blanks on things to say, so we shall end it there-
ten on thursday!


Andrea said...

sorry about the root canal. Yea for lunch room supervisor. Fun! And exciting to have a date with Jack. We are jealous of your fall break. Seriously.. I need to move to your area!

Dixie said...

Well, I was just going to say all the things that Andrea said, but now that would seem redundant. So I won't say anything. Except I do hope your tooth is feeling better.

crystal b. said...

Savor those snowless days my friend. Too bad you had to have a root canal. I hope your dentist has movies on the ceiling to pass the time. :) I'm dying to see photos and hear about your super saturday!!! Those ARE stressful, huh!

Anonymous said...

At least you didn't get the news that you have cracked the tooth you previously had a root canal on and now need to have it pulled. Still waiting to have the implant consult and hear the crazy cost (Russ thinks it will be in the thousands).