Monday, December 05, 2011

he came to town

the last saturday in November
was our city's annual Santa Claus parade.
it is such a fun tradition.
some of the shops and banks down town give out hot chocolate.
(some hot chocolate is better than others- but now we know where to go for the good stuff!)
candy is handed out-
lots and lots of candy canes, of course.
it isn't that great as far as parades go-
lots of cars and trucks with signs,
but hey,
it is cold here in the north!
Santa is always on the very last float,
of course!
it was a fun time.
(and Ben had a friend come along.)
and the kids just moaned when I made them stop by a window and take a picture with me.
but they humored me,
and I love them for it!


Kayli said...

That's such a cute picture. I hope in a few years my kids will still let me wrangle them into some pictures.

Andrea said...

what? I tried looking when it was that very sat, and it said it was already done weeks before!! Next time you need to let me know these things!

crystal b. said...

That sounds like soooo much fun. Wish I could have been there sipping hot chocolate too.

Still waiting to hear about Super Saturday :)