Friday, December 09, 2011

it's hard

so very hard to get my thoughts from my head to my blog. (if only my mind could post automatically- wouldn't that be something!)
and pictures? well, that adds a whole new level of work.
(it's not really hard, but obviously not a big priority for me, or else I would do it)
but there is so much that needs documented.
like our elf on the shelf-
I will introduce you soon. - he is a tricky little guy.
and Jacks attempts at getting his learners licence-
just guess how many times it took him!
he is at his first Church dance tonight!
how exciting.
wow- my second kid already at dances?
where did time go?
- or like hanging out at Shoppers Drug Mart with JB himself-
okay, just a cut out, but still fun, right?
(the ladies working there just said to go ahead and do it, tons of people do!)
I am always tempted to ask what they are going to do with him when they are done with him- maybe we could bring him home.
now that would be fun.
well, until the boys drew stuff on his face- mustache, devil horns- that would be inevitable!
maybe one day I will get up the courage to check into it!
I will never say never. (ha ha)


Joanne said...

I ran into JB at my shoppers here and totally forgot my camera. next time I'll be a real stalker and take a pic!!! way to go Jack.keep the faith! you will be driving soon. maybe..........

shelleyjanae said...

Cute pic of ML & JB. So fun. We will have to go together sometime and get our pictures taken with him.
Jack driving... yikes. He is WAY too young. And dances?!?! How did they get so old while we are still so young? :)