Thursday, March 08, 2012


Ben is hanging out at the Stollery,
nurses and doctors are constantly visiting him.
he gets to eat popcicles, and drink juices, and watch whatever he wants on his own personal tv.
he has ITP. I couldn't tell you what that stands for even though I have been told many times. I should really write it down- it basically is
weird red spots on his legs.
from very, very low platelets in his blood. hopefully he will get more soon.
I am going to visit him shortly,
and taking him some homework.
that might make him happy.
but probably not.
he is doing fine. he has his phone handy. a book to read. a cute gown to wear.
what more could he want?
oh, maybe some more platelets. lets get going on that!


Lynn said...

Oh wow. So sorry to hear. Talk about added stress in ones' life. What a great attitude, though. Love it.

I will keep him in my prayers. And you too. ; )

Update us when you can. Hugs!

Dixie said...

Maybe the red spots on his legs are actually from frost bite while shovelling the snow with shorts on. haha.

crystal b. said...

I hope all goes well for him. It's never fun to have a child in the hospital, is it. I'll keep you both in my prayers.