Thursday, March 15, 2012

the pit of dispair

I am attempting to clean out my craft room
so that Maggie can have her own room.
it isn't going too well.
I think it is getting messier and messier.
I am trying to do some work each day in there.
today I moved a chair down to its new location.
at this rate she might have her own room when she is 12.
but that might be pushing it!


Joanne said...

at least you can see the floor!!! good job! hey I have your baby jesus'. i'll bring them to est fest.

Andrea said...

I want to come over. Looks like I could have a great time with that room!!
Lucky Maggie. My girls will be jealous. Soon all their girl cousins will have their own room. So it's good if it takes you that long.