Wednesday, September 12, 2012

this morning

it's been a while!
I have lots to share
about summer
and last weekend
but lets start with this morning.
and this girl.
this sassy girl- at least most mornings.
and this morning was no exception.
I was doing her hair and she sassilly said-
-I can tell you didn't go to hair school.
and I said- maybe I should.
and she said- no, you should go to school to be a vegetarian.
and then I tried to clarify if she meant a veterinarian or a vegetarian, but she was too sassy and stormed off.
then was sweet and smiley with her lalaloopsy guy in his diaper. (she got him for a gift, I am sort of anti lalaloopy- they give  me the creeps.)

1 comment:

Andrea said...

you should work on being a vegetarian veterinarian. Fun.
I've never seen the boy one. I kinda like them. Does that make me creepy?