Tuesday, July 30, 2013

a little summer vacation

 we headed south to Montana.
we shopped a bit.

saw some beautiful sights (while driving on a scary  narrow road with rocks close enough to touch out the window on one side, and sheer cliffs on the other. yikes!)

we got to ride the alpine slide in Whitefish. they don't let you go down this close together, Sadie was just very cautious (slow), Maggie was a bit faster, and Cory was fast enough to catch up to both of them at the bottom of the slide!

and we dipped our toes in freezing cold waterfalls coming from melted snow high up on the mountain tops.- it was so very hot the few days that we were there, I don't know how there was still snow around!

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Andrea said...

Fun. Next time take us with you!