Wednesday, August 07, 2013

a burst of color


and after-
 we were able to run again in the second annual burst of color run, in Rosemary, Alberta. It was a lot of fun. you might notice someone new in our group- I had originally signed up for our whole family to do the run, but Ben was unable to get work off, so our nephew/cousin Tyler replaced Ben, and ran in his place. it was so fun, and not as hot out this year, which was fantastic!
after the actual run, you usually have a bit of color - mostly on your shirt, but after all the runners are in, there is a big color fight with the remaining color, and that is the funnest part of all. this is Maggie after the color fight. so fun. hopefully we can make it again next year!


Lynn said...

Awesome! I sure wish we could of been there. Every year I say the same thing don't I? lol. Maybe if I hadn't been hit by a truck, I could of been. But I don't think the wheelchair rental people would of appreciated me returning it with all those colors on it. Ha ha.

You guys look great!

My goal is to be there next year.

Dixie said...

You guys are awesome! It kinda looks like Sadie's face got the worst of it. But she's still smiling, so it's all good.