Saturday, October 12, 2013

easy way out

I quit.
I am a quitter.
a dropout.
it was hard.
the actual school stuff, and the decision to quit.
I was struggling. a lot.
my grades were bad, but there was hope.
I was putting in the minimum practice time, and still having a hard time.
so it came down to deciding whether to buckle down, and put in more time,
or give it up.
so, we all know how that ended up.
and I struggled for a while thinking I had made a bad decision,
but now I feel good about it.
and am back in the throws of laundry and dirty bathrooms,
and being busy all day,
and at the end of the day not being able to remember what I actually did!
Hopefully now I can blog more! that would be fun!


Kayli said...

Good choice from my view. :)

Kami said...

Mine too! I love taking classes but only in family history or sewing or non-essentials like that. An actual job sounds so unappealing.

Jil said...

I Love you.

Andrea said...

In my experience it's harder to stay home. So you're not a quitter! You tried something new and hard. Good for you for doing that.
Who knows what's next for you...

More blogging would be fun

jessica said...

there's still time to figure out what you want to be when you grow up :)
Good job for trying it and making a decision to stop that worked for you!