Tuesday, December 31, 2013


a year in review!

- since I have been a very sad blogger this past year, I will post some big highlights that happened in our family this past year!

Maggie turned 8 years old and was baptized. she is in grade 3, an although she did not get the teacher, or friends in her class that she originally wanted, things have worked out great, she loves her teacher, and has a new best friend in her class!

Big man Ben graduated High School,
worked his second year as a life guard at the out door pool, and got a pretty sweet tan. He also turned 18, and is technically an adult. hmm.

this summer we headed down to Kallispell and whitefish for a few days of fun- and we really enjoyed the fact that they have very few mosquitoes down there. they were crazy up here this summer! we also had a mud pit fight. weird, I know. I just stayed out and took pictures. and we ran the second annual burst of color run in Rosemary, Alberta. it was fun!

I turned 40 this year! One of my friends drew on my van windows, and I drove around a lot that day, doing some shopping, and only got one honk. sad. but it was a good day anyways. I also started school in the fall. that weird writing up there was some of my homework. I was in Closed Captioning and Court Reporting at NAIT, but the program turned out to be way more intense than I had planned on, and I either needed to devote more time to working on it, or quit, and well, there wasn't much more time to pull from, so I decided to drop out.  I also went and got laser eye surgery done. no more glasses for me! yay. and I continue to run my etsy shop- bluejeanmama. I still love to knit and crochet, and hope do devote more time to having a more successful shop this coming year.
my parents turned 70 this year, so my sisters and I threw them a little party!

sadie opened an etsy shop, that I hope to help her grow this coming year as well. 
Jed was a fox for halloween! how trendy. He turned 14 this year, and got his learners licence. yikes! My neice, Jessica, left on a mission in December. we are so excited for her and proud of her!

 Jack quit pizza hut- where he would come home smelling of grease, and got a job at the deli at a local grocery store. he was happy to not have to shower as soon as he got home from work. He tried to break the record for clothespins on your face. (just kidding, but what a weirdo). Jack and Sadie have the same birthday- Sadie turned 12- yay- young womans, and Jack turned 16, and got his drivers license the next week.

we got to go to one of my favorite places- Waterton National park, and took a crazy selfie for our christmas card picture this year.  all in all it was a good year, but the biggest thing to happen-

I finished a whole lip chap! yay! Happy New year - hopefully I will be a better blogger in 2014!


polischuk said...

Oh Kristi I adore you and you family. Crazy that you only got one birthday honk, are you sure you just couldn't hear...you know being 40 and all!!!

Andrea said...

I always lose chap stick before the year is up. Pretty impressive!
Love the honk on your van.
Such cute kids!!

Joanne said...

you are crazy my dear! I would have honked for you and tell your kids to STOP GROWING UP SO FAST!!!!! As for the lip chap=well done, well done!!!

jessica said...

awesome list! I didn't know it was such a big year of birthdays in your house!! 40, 12, 16, 18!! holy moly.