Saturday, July 29, 2006

our vacation

or part of it anyways.
we started out at writing on Stone.
what a great place.
played in the hoodoos, or as Brayden, our cousin liked to say-
then of course, the nightly bonfire.
smores. love them!
then the next day, the beach.
the boys, and Sadie, went canoeing down the river.
oh ya, Jed didn't go. little bit of a chicken, that one!
but then we played on the beach.
so nice, and warm.
someday I want to rent tubes and go tubing there.
that would be so much fun!
had to wash the sand off maggie,
cute little tush.
then the actual reunion.
in stirling.
lots of people
super duper hot.
and some serious cereal necklace making
by Jack.
then we went to Waterton,but apparently
I am not allowed any more photos on this post, so those might have to come later. so much fun.

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jessica said...

looks like you had fun everywhere. time to ditch Alberta...come to Mexico!