Saturday, July 08, 2006

I'm back alive..

camp was an experience, as always.
20 girls. yes 20.
three leaders, hot sun, a lake,
and some ugly boys,
that seemed to get cuter to the girls as the days wore on.
The boys that drove the tractor
that came to get the garbage,
and change the tp in the outhouse.
I mean really, come on girls.

so, my sister in law, and brother in law let me play,
there is one of the pictures,
that I played with a bit in photoshop.
there is so much more to learn!
thanks for letting me play Jess!
I tried emailing,
but it wasn't happening,
so I will print some up for you!

then, there is the teachers gifts I made!
too cute!
I was inspired by a tag on 2peas, by Shelley Laming.
love her stuff.

then lastly,
my sweet maggie watching the Canada Day parade.
such fun.
well, what else is new.
Ben and Jack had a swim meet again today.
they did great-
didn't win any races,
but didn't come in last place either.
well, I didn't get to bed as early as I had wished last night,
so hopfully tonight.
I have a lot of sleep to catch up on from this last week!


Andrea said...

cute photos, and cute gift. glad you're back alive...sure missed you! hope you get some sleep

Shelley said...

super cute teacher gift. I wish I taught your kids!! Thanks for your camera. It was such a delight!

jessica said...

I like the photo Kristi! You did great. you'll be a professional in no time! glad you made it back from camp. that boy story was funny. bet your family really missed you.

Kim said...

Cute photos! I really don't know much about photoshop, I just kind of play around, but feel free to ask any questions. I just can't promise I can answer them.

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