Monday, July 03, 2006

I'm off...

tomorrow is the big day!
Girls Camp!!
I don't know if I am excited, or terrified.
a little of both.
we have quite the group of young women.
I have been in there for about 4 years now.
some are my friends.
some still scare me.
who knows.
Weather is supposed to be hot, hot hot!
we will be very close to a beach,
and we will have canoes,
and we will have fun.
I am taking a film camera,
cause Shelley has my little digi,
and I really don't want my big one out at a crazy camp-
but I do, I want to take some fabulous pictures-
hmm, have to think on that one,
but probably just film.
Jess, I haven't downloaded the pictures of you yet,
when I get back I will play-
really got to get playing with photoshop!
so much to learn!
well, I should get some sleep tonight,
cause heaven knows, there won't be much sleep happening this week!
I'll let you know on Friday how it all went-
wish me luck!!!


jessica said...

Oh Kristi, No worries. you'll be great. The girls should be ok, and you will have fun! Enjoy the sun, if nothing else! good luck! ;)
I'm excited to see the pics of me and Brian

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