Saturday, March 13, 2010


my sweet little maggie turned 5 today.
and instead of a party with friends, we convinced her to do a family bowling party.
and party we did!
all day long she kept saying she should get her way because it is her birthday!

5 years. wow.
we went out to take some pictures with some balloons.
I got a few,
and then she had to go pee.
so we hurried home.
and had her choice for supper,
and yummy ice cream cake.
happy birthday sweet girl!


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday. Can't believe she's 5. That seems so old.
Wish I could convince my kids to do the family thing. I'll have to try it.

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Maggie!!!!

Bobbi-Jo said...

I just LOVE age 5 - such an adorable, sweet age, just like your Maggie! Sounds like she had a fun birthday!

Joanne said...

time flies when you're having fun. I Can't believe she is 5!! crazy stuff and cute shirt too!