Tuesday, March 09, 2010

off the hook

I have been wanting hooks in my bathroom for a while now.
once upon a time we had some, but they were not attached properly, and fell off,
and towels were always being hung over our bannister that is just outside of the bathroom door.
driving me crazy.
so, I was in Home Depot looking for something.
(a filter for our fridge, I think)
and I thought I would go down the hook aisle-
and there I found this-
a brown board with four black hooks.
but it was a bit scratched up-
which didn't really bother me, since I wanted a white board anyways, and was going to take it home and paint it white,
but I thought maybe I could get a discount because it was banged up.
(is that wrong?)
it wouldn't hurt to ask, right?
so I did,
and ended up getting $5 off!
brought it home, painted, and distressed it a bit
and here it is- hung properly on my wall.

and towels are still hung on my bannister.



Kayli said...

I LOVE how it looks! That wreath is awesome. I want that in my bathroom. Oh wait, my bathroom has limey green tiles floor-ceiling on all four walls. Hmm.

Andrea said...

hahaha. hard to reteach those kids.
Love the hooks though. Looks great.
I need some white paint. Our got frozen and is no good.