Sunday, March 28, 2010


during the week-
when I was feeling a bit crazy,
I took a few of my kids to the store with me.
they were fooling around in the cart, of course,
and making me nuts,
which is generally why I try to avoid going to the store with more than just Maggie,
so anyways,
me, at the store, with more than one kid = crazy.
Maggie is climbing out of the cart, almost falling on her head-
and Jed is trying to help her, and she is getting mad at him,
and he says - I am just saving your life.
and she says- no, you are ruining my life.

and this is right when we were passing another lady shopping.
her and I had a little laugh.
silly kids.


shelleyjanae said...

Ha ha! You are ruining my life. So true. I have a few older siblings that were very good at ruining my life. :) Good ol' Jed and Maggie.

Jilly said...

apparently my kids thought that was the funniest story and wanted me to read it over and over. I don't think they really get it, BUT who knows they probably feel the same way!