Thursday, May 13, 2010

the day has come

it happened.
Ben got a cell phone.
we did not get him a cell phone.
(I still think he doesn't need one- but we always said our kids could have one when they could pay for it) so, he got himself one.
and this is how he has been since Saturday-
I think his thumbs will be cramping up soon.

wow. back in my day we had to write notes on paper, and pass them .
or just not communicate all the time!
how did we make it through?
(really, I think we were better off.)
but maybe that's just me.
cell phones, face book- yikes. don't get me started!


Andrea said...

ahhh. he's so grown up.
I'll have to get his number so I can bug him.

shelleyjanae said...

Hope he got a good texting plan...
Well- maybe not. It might be good to have a limit. I don't understand the need to be in constant communication. What do they REALLY need to "talk" about??!?!

Terry & Maxine said...

If he goes on his mission to the Philippines, his texting ability may help him as that is how we communicate with the nine zone leaders and the Sister Missionaries and a companion or two that are living in places that are not too close to anyone who has a phone. Hopefully he doesn't get too dependent on the thing.