Monday, May 17, 2010


6more days of seminary.
why did it seem to drag all year, and now these last few weeks are flying by?
Now that all the tv shows are ending, I will actually be able to stay up and watch later tv shows!
yikes. I mean yay!

a local radio station had a contest last week- sing your way to LA, and they had two callers sing a song from glee, and then they picked one to be entered in a draw to win tickets to go to LA this weekend, and see a live glee concert. - so I called in, sang, and won!
I was so excited all week, thinking about my trip to LA.
but then they picked the winner yesterday and I didn't win. so very sad.
but if you listen to easy rock, and you hear the little commercial thing they play about the contest, that is me singing Sweet Caroline! funny.
and sad that I didn't win.
if you see Jack ask him what I looked like when I was singing on the phone. it is quite funny.
( I haven't heard the commercial thing yet today, so maybe they are done playing it- I guess I had my tiny bit of fame.)

science fair for the junior high kids is tomorrow.
I predict we will be up late getting it finished up.
I will tell you all about them when they are done!- I think they did pretty interesting projects.
Jed is already thinking up ideas for 2 years from now. funny kid.

the weather has been so hot here the last 2 days! nice.

my neighbor has volunteered to come and help me with my gardens. so nice.
or she is just so tired of seeing the ugliness.
either way, I am excited.

and those are my thoughts. such excitement around here!


Joanne said...

ahhh and here I was hoping you'd invite me to LA with you. darn that contest.

Andrea said...

Great thoughts. Sad you didn't win.