Tuesday, May 25, 2010


every time we drive to the big city, we pass over a bridge.
sometimes I catch a glimpse of some cool graffiti that is under that bridge.
for a long time now I have wanted to take my boys there and take some pictures.
well, yesterday the boys told me they wanted some pictures-
by the graffiti.
how could I refuse.
so we drove down, parked somewhere we probably weren't supposed to,
walked on the train tracks and through some mud,
and took some pictures.
good times.

those are some cool dudes.
(and that was some very sweet graffiti.- only a few bad words.)


Joanne said...

lurve it!!! those are some sweet glasses too JACK!!

Lynn said...

Totally cool shots!

Me said...

AWESOME!!! They are Lookin GOOD!

Marcia said...

Great pictures! When my son was young....say 6-8...I told him he was cute. He said "mom, I'm not cute, I'm cool." Your post reminded me of that. They grow up so fast. Enjoy.

Dixie said...

I'm thinking the girls better watch out!

Andrea said...

Love it!
Would it be weird if I had pictures by that? haha

kaylani said...

very cool indeed. Noah also likes to be called "sexy beast". I just roll my eyes.

Kirsten said...

Awesome graffiti, and very cool shots!