Wednesday, July 21, 2010

little glass

a cute little glass-
otherwise known as a shot glass.
but I am not a drinker, so I don't need it for that,
but it is so cute-
and perfect for this-

flowers that the girls bring in after helping our neighbor with her garden.

another use for those little glasses was made known to me last week.
Cory and I went out to dinner with some folks from his work,
one of the ladies retired-
and at this restaurant, they had on their dessert menu- little shots of different kinds of desserts!
brilliant idea- for those people- like me, who love just a bit of sweetness at the end of their meal, but don't want a whole dessert. simply brilliant.
(but Cory and I shared a piece of cheese cake, and it was delicious. but sometime I will have to try one. or just serve myself a cute little shot glass of dessert at home. when there aren't any flowers in it any more!)

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