Monday, July 12, 2010

disaster zone

it is right now 7:54 am monday morning.
I got up early (er) and went on a bike ride. (yay, me!)
now I am sitting at my computer, and smelling a yucky banana smell,
and trying desperately to avoid the disaster zone that is my house.
you know,
when no spot is clear. - any flat surface is covered with stuff. counters, dressers, floors, tables. everywhere
you have to walk around stuff everywhere.
(and hold your breath at some spots- like when you are on the computer and smelling old bananas. yuck.)
the kids are all still sleeping. And I will keep it like that as long as I can.
and then hopefully I can enlist them in the fight against mess.
(but only if I have a big reward at the end. I know how my kids roll.)
or it might be easier to send them downstairs or outside and tackle it myself.
(yes indeed, I know how my kids roll.)
I was wondering if I should get started before they wake up,
but I think I will enjoy the calm before the storm!


Joanne said...

hee heeeh heeee poor you! but lucky you are all alone and quiet for the time being! good luck with the house cleaning thang.

Andrea said...

You should clean clean clean in the quietness. That's a dream come true!

crystal b. said...

We live in the same house! I feel comforted now that I know someone else feels my pain. I'm trying to muster up some energy to get cleaning before Fall sets in.