Friday, July 16, 2010

a story of a fine summer day

we got a phone call from a sweet friend, she was going to the legislature grounds, did we want to come?
for sure we did!

the girls played in the pools,
the boys chased each other around like maniacs.
I managed to get this group shot of us-

then attempted some shots of just the kids-

which turned into this-

then we walked back to our van-
and this made my heart mushy-

and we stopped on the way home for some refreshments.

and that was a good summer day!


Andrea said...

cute photos. That does sound like a fun summer day! I love that Jed is the only one in focus with the drinks. cute.

crystal b. said...

Wow, you are really good with that camera of yours! Love all these photos. Hope your summer has been as fun as it looks!

Just Us said...

Great pictures Kristi, looks like you guys are having fun.