Monday, May 08, 2006


well, I feel like nothing much is happening around here, so not much to report on. I wasted a lot of Saturday on the computer- switching between two scrapbooking websites in the hope of winning at least one prize on National Scrapbook Day. as far as I know, I didn't win a thing. sheesh.
well, I still need to sit down and read some info on my camera.
a lot of it is computer stuff- being that it is a digital, and all.
that's not my forte, but I had best be getting on it, because I am itching to take more pictures!
alright, I best be getting back to the Monday morning routine-
laundry, and more laundry, mopping and vacuuming- you know the drill!


Andrea said...

Sounds like you're Monday is as exciting as mine. Still waiting to see the photos.

Shelley said...

Sorry you didn't win anything. Sheesh! This week is teacher appreciation week and they had a bunch of prizes... I didn't win any again this year. Oh well. I think we are cursed.