Tuesday, May 02, 2006

This week..

I have already forgotten an appointment-
what is up with that? I hate missing things.
Ben has a sore throat now. Jack and I had one last week
Strep throat. Lucky us.
YW activity tonight- are they going to show up on time?
are they going to show up?
I kind of lost it on Sunday- an emotional time,
a few girls skipped out on the activity last week- not a good thing in my opinion, so I had a little "talk" with them all on Sunday- I bawled-
emotional me.
Silly girls.
I don't want teenagers. really.
Well, I am enjoying my new camera.
Just need to figure out how to get the photo's onto the computer.
I am so not computer savvy. but I am learning.
a bit.
rain/snow/ bitterly cold weather outside today.
What is up with that? Yuck.
Get to go on a field trip with Jed tomorrow.
fun stuff.
If I don't forget about it....

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Glad I'm not in YW. HOpe it all went well tonight.
Can't wait to see the photos you took. Can't wait to come play.