Sunday, May 28, 2006

what's up, willis?

thought I would share with you where my two oldest have been hanging out for the last 3 weeks-
yep, the pool.
Ben and Jack are in the piranhas swim club.
they could go every weekday and swim, but that seems to wear them out, so they go Mon, Wed, and Friday.
But last week they had a mini swim meet on Wed, and Thurs.
fun times, they did okay-
way better than I could have done!
as I watched the bigger teens do their races, I thought how cool that would be if my boys kept with it and got real good!
Olympics, here we come!!
I dream big!
so, Sunday evening, and I'm off to another fireside.
I remember the sundays of my past-
popping popcorn, gathering around the tv and watching the Wonderful World of Disney. ahh- the good old days!!

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Andrea said...

oh yes... the good old days of sunday popcorn and tv watching. sure do miss that!
Looks like those boys are real swimmers. One day i can say that i knew them when...