Monday, May 15, 2006

Don't rock the boat...

don't rock the boat, baby...
don't tip the boat over...

do I have that song embedded in your head?
So.. Saturday evening was the inagural launch of the new canoe
cory, ben, jack and sadie took it out for a spin-- float-- paddle,
you know what I mean!
they went with a friend and 2 of his kids-
and Jed, Maggie and I waited, and waited, along with the other mom at the pick up spot..
sheesh, I thought maybe they had sunk!
apparently they stopped to watch some beavers for a while!
anyways, I guess it had no leaks.
good thing.
so- any suggestions what we should name it?
(Cory thinks I need to paint a name on the side!!)
Jed would not go in it.
I don't blame him.
that North Saskatchewan river- not to nice looking.
cory is one step closer to being the outdoorsy kind of person/family he dreams of being!


Andrea said...

looks like fun. Love that river... scary. Glad you were all safe.

Shelley said...

good ol' Jed! Who ever thought he would be the cautious one!!! What a cute outdoorsy family you have!