Friday, June 09, 2006

ho hum..

so.. what is new with you?
finally getting over my sore throat I had for a week-
and passed on to my sister Andrea (sorry girly),
but I think her kids passed on the runny nose thing to maggie,
so maybe we are a little even.

the boys have what Jack refers to as "the meeting" tomorrow
their first ever swim meet, - the meeting, that he really,
does not want to go to.
Sorry man.
I told him he has to do one, then he can say no more, but he has to at least try it. Hopefully he will kick butt, and win at least one, and feel so great, and want to do them all-
one can dream.
so, that is tomorrow,in Vermillion.
I think Cory will be going with the two boys.
We had thought about camping there tonight, but the weather is not so good, and we have a tent trailer that has a leak in the roof, and no furnace- not so fun. so we shall see.

well, I am really enjoying being a SAHM lately.
don't know why,
maybe it is the fact that most afternoons, I can lay down and have a nap, while Sadie catches up on Dora.
Maggie is a little character lately.
does this cute grin showing all her 8 front teeth.
I am trying hard to catch a picture of it, but when the camera is out, she runs away.
she also found her belly button. too funny. but alas, take the camera out, and she runs.
gotta get going on that photography practicing.
want to get a business going soon!
Love pictures that you just look at and say- remember that! So fun. want to capture that for others. and get paid. definite bonus!! hee hee.
Alright, almost nap time! gotta go.


jessica said...

I can't wait to be a SAHM for that very reason...naps and lounging around the house. so nice sometimes. not there yet though (and not too soon either). glad you are feeling better. I've been sick for over a week now too. so terrible. i hate being sick. Hope Jack and Ben do good tomorrow at "the meeting". say hi for me!

Shelley said...

Go Jack go! How exciting. Can't wait to see Maggie's cute smile. And your cute pictures. I am ready for summer.