Thursday, June 29, 2006

yo, yo-

a photo shoot with Jed.
he was bribed.
had to do the little yo, finger thing-
the photot doesn't do it justice. he puts his hand up, and salutes and says, yo, yo. I think it is funnier in person!

well, summer vacation has begun!
we all slept in until 8 this morning.
that was nice, but I hope to do better tomorrow!
had to get my 2 cubs to the church for a year end trip to the zoo. good times for them. rushed morning for us.
I am trying to do a little summer reward program I found on Shannon Montez' blog. Ben wasn't happy about it at all, but I think he might warm up. Jed just cashed in three marbles for 1/2 hour on the computer. so far so good.
Canada day coming soon! our city does a parade- and for the last few years, family that lives in the area has come out for the parade and a barbeque. I think that is happening this time too! need to get busy putting that together. I have been kind of focused on girls camp- which is on Tuesday. I put myself in charge of buying all the food. such fun. I will be so happy when it is over, for more than just one reason!!- I'll tell you more about that later!
alright, gotta take jed to a birthday party, pick up the boys, and figure out something for us to have for supper. fun, fun, fun!

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rebecca said...

such cute photos Kristi!