Thursday, June 22, 2006


that is the sound of a kiss!
secretly I know Jed loves it
even though he will deny it like crazy!
my scanner is not hooked up,
or something,
and there are just way too many cords back there to figure out,
so no new layouts on 2peas'
or here-
last Saturday had a wonderful time scrapping
at my cute sil- Jessica's house
got a bunch of pages done-
that I hope to share soon.
Well, it was rainy and cloudy this morning,
but now you would never know it.
gorgeous day out there.
I should go pull some weeds.
I vow that some day I will have a gorgeous flower garden-
if I can ever figure out how to not kill plants.
maybe I will just hang out in my cool basement and scrap some more. that could be good!
My parents were off this morning to Virginia to go touring the east with my sister Shelley. fun for them.
Shelley has my digital camera- she better come back with a whole ton of pictures! fun stuff!


jessica said...

No worries Kristi, I can't keep plants alive either. I always say one day i will have the nicest lawn with a great garden- veggies and flower, but really, who am i kidding. I like the idea of just running downstairs and scrapping some more!

Andrea said...

i too should go weed and would love to scrapbook (if it wasn't so overwhelming)... cute pic. You'll have to send me some more photos.