Thursday, August 03, 2006

thursday happenings...

wow. August already.
July just flew by.
Jed turns 7 in less than a week.
wow. 7.
he is such a troublemaker.
I wonder if he will ever outgrow his craziness.
I sure hope so.
went for a pedicure today.
my feet feel so good.
what a nice treat.
I am now free on Tuesday nights.
for the past 4 years or so
I have been hanging out at the church on Tuesdays with the young women.
I just got released on Sunday.
Tuesday felt so strange.
to not be planning something
going to the church,
doing activities.
weird. but nice.
I do miss those girls.
well,I will be seeing some of them in seminary in the fall.
yep, seminary. homestudy, so only once a week.
should be good. well, I should go watch a movie with my kiddos.


Andrea said...

yea!! how nice to have a free night. enjoy it. can't believe your little boy is so old. wow. i feel really old. he's a cutie.

jessica said...

you'll enjoy Seminary. Wow, im totally jealous of your pedicure. i have been wanting to go for oh so long!!