Thursday, April 08, 2010

good for business

I love a good advertisement.
a funny commercial- on tv, or radio- love it.
(it makes me wonder what those companies with the lam-o adds were thinking.)
I mean really. is that the best you can come up with?

some people are just so clever.

so, when I saw this in my mail box, I had to smile-
very creative.
love it.

and I think I need to call.
they are holding my great body ransom.
and I want it back!


Lynn said...

LOL! Coming from the advertising business ourselves, we too love a good ad. This one is right up there.

P.S. However, I honestly don't think it was meant for you. Seriously?? You? You look great!!!

shelleyjanae said...

That is hilarious. Love it. Definitely some marketing geniuses working there- cheap, effective and amusing.

Marcia said...


kaylani said...

yup, I like it too!