Friday, April 16, 2010


so, you know that game that kids play when you're driving-
silver punch buggy, no returnies (so they can't punch you back)
and then proceed to punch a sibling in the arm.
you know the one?
well, somewhere my kids picked up a new one.
whenever you see a PT Cruiser-
you say- PT Cruiser, punch a loser, no returnies,
(oh, and you have to call the colour too, or it doesn't count)
(this is not my favorite one- as I am trying so very hard to get my kids to talk nicer to each other, and this is not helping in any way whatsoever. calling each other losers should not be allowed. even in a game. - but it happens a lot. but I am trying . I think maybe soap in the mouth should make a comeback. but it's hard to put soap in the mouth of a kid that is bigger than you. just saying.)

so, onto the point of my story-
Maggie was looking out the window the other day, and calls to me-
what are those cars that the roof can go on and off?
and I say- it's a convertible.
so she comes running to me and says-
silver convertible. no returnies,
and punches me.
very nice.

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