Saturday, April 24, 2010

my girls

so, this is one of my pictures,
of my two sweet, silly girls.
and the little bit of editing I can do on the mac.
someday, hopefully someday soon,
I will have my pc fixed up, and my photoshop set up,
then I can learn some real photo editing,
and maybe get them to look like my friend's pictures.
(but I 'm not holding my breath!)

oh, and the whole staying away from sugar thing-
so very hard.
I will do better next week.


Lynn said...

So cute! Whatever you are doing.....stick with it. You have some awesome talent there.

The cute little girls help too, I am sure. ; D

About the sugar oldest daughter is doing that too. So VERY hard to do a sugar fast. There is sugar in almost everything we eat now. But she finally was able to get over the first couple of weeks hurdle. Once she got over that, it got easier. And she actually is down 40 plus pounds in just a few months.....just by not eating sugar. Of course still eats the natural sugars, but that's it.. No other changes made. . Amazing, eh? She feels so much more energized!

Wish I had the will power too. Just got to get over the first couple of weeks hurdle.........

Bobbi-Jo said...

I'm not sure what other editing you think you need - that photo is precious!! I love it! And I'm with ya on the sugar fast. I'm addicted, no question. It's sooo hard.

Joanne said...

beautiful!!!! love those girls and love the pics too.

Melis said...

I love how the older one looks just like you and the younger one looks just like Corey :) AND I am totally with ya on the sugar fast so we can be crabby together! I started today, Jennalee's bday and am going til May 25, my oldest son's bday so there's really no reason for extra sugar :) I even told Jim I want no food treats for mother's day. Maybe if I can do it for a month I can keep going :) Good Luck with yours!!

Andrea said...

looks awesome to me!

Kirsten said...

Hey, your photos look great! And you are a better woman than I to lay off the sugar.