Tuesday, April 06, 2010

the week in review

(love Maggie's dirty chocolate eating face!)

so, last week was spring break.
we did a lot of staying up late,
and sleeping in (of course!)
and not really much else.
Cory did turn my clock ahead an hour, for April fools. I thought it was weird that the girls weren't up yet, and figured it out a while later. he's such a funny guy.
I bought the girls easter dresses on etsy, but they didn't get here on time,
but last years dresses, that were a bit too big then, fit just right this year.
but it didn't really matter since we stayed at home, and watched conference on the computer.
hopefully their dresses will be here by next Sunday.
I think we will just call them spring dresses this year!

now the kids are back in school. phew!
and seminary is on again. bright and early.
(only 35 more classes. but who's counting? oh, me, for sure!)
and I need to go have a long visit with my treadmill.
darn those delicious chocolate easter candies!

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Me said...

Beautiful- dresses and girls. For sure post a picture of the new dresses- I want to see.