Thursday, August 12, 2010

did we have a birthday here?

yes, we had a birthday here!

on Sunday it was Jed's big day.
he counted down for about 2 weeks. letting us know how many days until his birthday.
I am so glad it finally came!

1. Jed usually wears his shirts inside out or backwards. (see photo)
2. Jed is a go getter. if he wants something he will figure out how to get it.
3. Jed was the only one born in Calgary. and he loves Calgary.
4. I think he really likes the Calgary Flames because his brothers don't.
5. He likes to bug his brothers. and sisters.
6. he is a real leader. get him around a group of little kids, and he will have them all doing some game, or following him around.
7. he is usually the first one awake. and dressed.
8. I can hardly believe he is going into grade 6.
9. and 11 year old scouts. no more cubs for us!
10. he is a great fly catcher.
11. we love you jeddy bo beddy!


Andrea said...

ahh. I love Jed and can't believe he's 11!!! When did that happen?

Lynn said...

No. 3 - YAY!

Happy Birthday Jed!