Monday, August 02, 2010

part 2 (invlolves lots of pictures!)

while in Saskatchewan-
(we really went because I had the three youngest in swimming lessons-
but didn't take any pictures of that!)
we went to the town museum to take some pictures.
oh boy, did I have some fun!

here's Jed-

sweet little Mags-

handsome Jack-

a shot I adore of us girls!
(thanks Leanne!)

Sades and Jules- bcf (best cousins forever!)

stunning Sadie-

crazy Ben-

good times!
man, that school house had such beautiful lighting. I wanted to stay there and set up a studio.
loved it!


Andrea said...

great photos. Glad you found something fun to do there :)

Dixie said...

Holy Cow! I can tell by the picture of "Cousin Jules" which small town in Saskatchewan you were at. She looks exactly like her mother when she was that age. Leanne's dad is my cousin.

jessica said...

those are great!

Me said...

You have such good-looking kids! These are fantastic pictures!

crystal b. said...

Awesome pictures!!! Do you have Photoshop by any chance? If so, you need to go to the Pioneer Woman's website and download her Photoshop "actions" You won't believe how much they improve your photos.