Friday, August 20, 2010

beiber bangs

justin beiber.
not sure how I feel about him.
he does sing some good songs.
my boys hate him
( I think they are jealous of his fame and fortune.)
but his hair- well, what can I say.
don't you think it would look good on me?

well- guess what?
my radio station is having a contest.
(I seem to have a think for radio contests- right?)
anyways, 5 lucky (?!) moms get to have their hair cut like Justin Beiber,
and get tickets to his concert!
so, -
don't you think the look suits me?

you can vote for me! (but only if you want to see me with a hair cut just like Justin!)
go to EZ rock, ( the link should take you right to the cute picture- of me with the girls, go to the yellow, red scale, (when you click on it, and arrow should appear above it) move it to a highish number, somewhere in the red, and click!
then maybe I can get a sweet hair cut! (ha)
- a free dinner,
and a fun concert with Sadie!

crazy stuff!


Anonymous said...

I voted for you Kristi!! Looks like you are in the lead!

Andrea said...

wow- I need to listen to the radio more. Sweet. hope you win.

kaylani said...

my boys hate justin too...hope you win for Sadie!