Thursday, September 02, 2010

before the calm

the last few days of the last week before school began,
we got to sneak in a little vacation.
we headed south.
and climbed up bear's hump.
and it was extremely sad how hard it was for me to get to the top.
and crazy windy.
and there were cute little chipmunks.
and a random kid behind my family. weird.
and Maggie was freaking me out with the strong wind blowing, and the edge of the cliff, and the chipmunk would come, and she would run, and I thought she was going to fall over the edge. thankfully we all made it out alive.
and going down was much easier.
thank goodness.

I do love Waterton!

then we stopped in Cardston, to see our two great grandmas.
and our future aunt playing the piano and singing for the sweet old folks.
and the boys found the beauty salon. and thought it was the best.
(but the picture is not so hot, but those boys were so into it.)

then the next day,
off to writing-on-stone.
to play in some hoo doos.

all summer long, all I wanted to do was raft down a river.
well, the river at writing-on-stone is a great rafting river, but the weather that day was not the best.
so, Cory inflated all the floaties, we carried them down to the river, walked up a bit, a few of us got in, rafted for a couple of minutes, with Maggie crying the whole way, got to the beach, got out, and that was it.
it took longer to inflate and deflate the floaties, than we were on the river.
maybe next year. on a super hot day. ahh. that would be nice.


Me said...

Oh too funny. I love Waterton too!!!! And Writing-on-Stone!! The only times I have been to writing-on-stone were with Devonee and Brian. (Well, not Brian the second time, some other people, like my husband etc.) The first time, the car keys were lost somewhere in the river, and we had to wait on some hoodoos for Uncle Larry to come get us. Good times.

Andrea said...

Fun times. hilarious those boys in the salon