Thursday, September 09, 2010

Thursday thoughts

1. I did not shed any tears on Maggie's first day of kindergarten. I just walked away a bit baffled. such a big build up, then I just leave her there and walk away. and I was free. I think I smiled most of the 1 minute walk home.

2. Sadie has been walking Maggie home- so I just drop her off, and don't worry about a thing - till the kids come home.

3. boy, with all afternoon free, I should really have some fantastic after school snacks waiting for the kids. not doing so great at that so far. maybe today.

4. 3 hours goes by really fast. so much to do, so little time.

5. or just that much more time to waste. all. by. my. self. love it!

6. I have been fighting a cough for almost a week now. last night I propped myself up in bed, slept with a bunch of pillows under my head, and didn't wake up with a coughing fit for the first night in a while. it was nice.

7. how come when you get a good nights sleep, after a few bad nights, you always feel more tired that morning? I don't get it.

8.and since I have this disease, I have been making weird humming noises as I fall asleep. very strange. Cory said I didn't do it last night. I guess the pillows helped with that too! strange stuff.

9. I spent my alone time today at the clinic and the xray place. seems I might have mild bronchitis. nice.

10. my photographer friend is doing a workshop this weekend, and Maggie gets to be a model for the group! fun. more cute pictures coming! yay!

11. the tub is calling me, so I must run! hot bubble baths are oh, so nice!


Marcia said...

I remember the day my last one went to kindergarten. I was high fiving the other mom's in the neighborhood. Enjoy! A job well done to prepare them all for this portion of their lives.

crystal b. said...

I'm so glad to know that someone else has the weird humming noise issue! That just happened to me when I was in Bermuda. It drove me crazy -- it kept waking me up.

Hey, I do ship to Canada! I have many wonderful customers there!

I'll bug Wendy for you. She will laugh if I say I know you -- she's always amazed that we know the same people. So am I. I can't wait to see the pictures she took of your family!

Kayli said...

So when I read that you're going to get in a warm tub, I thought "mmm, that sounds good, I'll join you," but then I thought- actually that sounds a little weird. You know what I mean.

Lynn said...

Hope you feel better soon!!

Andrea said...

Wow- no tears. I'm impressed.
Get better! Crazy.