Thursday, September 30, 2010


1. see that girl in the picture- the one with the long skinny legs? she loves skinny jeans. her mom- not so much. where did she get those long skinny legs from anyways? her dad, I think.

2. who came up with the idea to put those elastic button things (maternity style) inside the waist of kids jeans? I would like to say that that was a genius idea. genius.

3. my tomatoes are now ripening at a crazy pace, and since I am the only one who eats tomatoes, I think I will be bottling some up today. (my family does eat them if they are in very small pieces in sauces and such.)

4. I hope to finish season 3 of Alias today (if I can get my tomatoes done this morning) but I don't really want it to end. thank goodness there is a 4th season.. but it is at my sister's house. I might have to go for a drive soon.

5. I scrapbooked on the weekend. this is big! it has been forever. really. I think I want to do some more now. maybe this weekend. Cory will be so happy!

6. those pumpkin milkshakes were yummy. I thought.
2 of my kids took one sip and said yuck. 2 others loved it. the 5th- not sure, I had to leave before his bus came. I don't know that he even tried it.

7. the weather is beautiful here lately. now we see the sun. it wasn't here for most of the summer. but now it comes out. crazy.

8. yes, it was cold and cloudy on tuesday when I started baking my potatoes for the soup, but by supper time it was sunny and beautiful. but we still ate the soup. and it was good.

9. and I can't think of any more randomness to share, so I am ending with 9!
happy thursday to you!


Andrea said...

I love those elastic things too. I hate when there are pants without them. Now they just have to make them for non pregnant adults.
Why can't we have the skinny legs gene?

Kayli said...

That is a gorgeous picture.