Thursday, September 16, 2010

go bananas!

first meet of the year, long distance running track team.
(they don't get the desire to run from me, that is for sure!)
Sadie came in 75th of all the grade 4 girls, and the first one from our school team!
yay, Sadie!

Jed came in 30th of all the grade 6 boys. not first from our team, but he did really good!
I caught this unfortunate picture-

good thing there will be more races-
I can practice my action photography,
and hopefully get a better shot of Jed!
(their team is called the bananas. fun stuff!)

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crystal b. said...

Kristi! Let's trade! I need two green pixie mushrooms. What to you want in exchange???

P.S. If you lived near me, I would be knocking on your door every day. I LOOOOOVE to knit. It's much more fun with a friend :)