Wednesday, November 03, 2010

halloween recap

well, it's over again for another year.
sadly, I was really bad with taking pictures.
this is what I got from the school-
Maggie in her class room after the parade and a couple of little songs, and story reading in the gym-

(pretty sweet puffy sleeves, right? makes me think of Anne of green gables, and her desire for puffy sleeves! funny)

Sadie in the actual parade- I made her dress from a real dress pattern, as opposed to a costume pattern, not a fake pattern, as you might be thinking.
I was thinking that maybe we could just shorten it a bit, and she could wear it to church,
but since it has no zipper, the neck opening is kind of big,
and i had to pin it both times she wore it.
I might try to fix it and make it smaller, and less gaping, but then it might not fit over her head.
not sure what to do about that!
(digging the captain underpants guy behind her! hilarious.)

there was one girl in the parade, just wearing a normal dress with her hair in pony tails, and I was wondering what- if anything- she was supposed to be,
then later I found out it was a boy.

Jed was a Calgary Flames fan. he wore a hoody he already has, red pants, red coloring in his hair, and red face paint. then he carried a stuffed hand with the finger up- like #1 (sort of like those foamy ones, but this was smaller and stuffed, we found it at a thrift store.)
easy enough.

Ben went to a halloween dance on Friday night, and wore a plaid jacket he picked up at a thrift store a bit ago- just to wear,
drew stubble on his face with a marker (himself- I was gone until he was done!)
wore his hiking boots,
carried around a fake axe and called himself a lumber jack.

Jack made a kissing booth. I can't believe I didn't take a picture. I will have to see if it is still around and take a picture of it!

my clown costume turned out pretty good. I have no pictures of it. my sister did take one of me on Sunday. I will have to see if I can get it from her!
and Cory ended up getting tickets to a football game on the night of the church party, so he really had no need for a costume. phew.

and that was halloween.
over except rounding up the costumes and decorations to pack away,
finishing up the candy,
and of course,
picking up the wrappers all over the house.


Joanne said...

your girlies look so beautiful and Jason would be ashamed of the flames costume but he is digging the kissing booth . Get those other photos I wanna see them!!!!

Andrea said...

I think i got a photo of the kissing booth and you. I'll have to download them and pass them on if I do.

Dixie said...

Love the pictures of your girls in all their princessness. Sadie's runners truly complete the ensemble.

Just Us said...

cute costumes and pictures. I know what you mean about the candy wrappers. I am going to threaten to throw away the candy if I find another pile of wrappers on the floor. AAAGGGHHH!

crystal b. said...

I miss the days of making costumes! Yours turned out so cute!!! Anne of Green Gables . . . sigh.

Explain . . did make a costume that was a kissing booth, or did he run a kissing booth. Because I'm thinking that a kissing booth costume would be so awesome. Sounds like the church party was way fun. I'm posting pictures of ours tonight. :)