Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It all began innocently enough

Or- Who needs Vegas?

so, Sunday night, I am washing dishes, Jed is drying.
he gets to the salad spinner. trys spinning it to see how many times it will go around.
Jack comes and trys to get it to spin more times than Jed could.
then, as things do, it evolved into this-

a roullet game in the basement.
all five of them. putting in stuff they found around the house-
pennies, army men, plastic cars, magnetic toys. whatever can go into the kitty.
calling out the number they wanted.
cheers and boos depending on if they won or not.

they were all having so much fun, no harm done? right?
(if any of them end up with gambling problems later in life, I guess we can trace it back to that sunday night with the salad spinner.)


Andrea said...

haha. hilarious. That's awesome.

Joanne said...

that is the funniest and most ingenius thing I have heard of in a long long time. your kids are awesome!!!

Dixie said...


BTW, I'm loving having Sadie in the class -- she's a sweetheart!!

Just Us said...

That is awesome, I might have to invest in a salad spinner.