Wednesday, November 24, 2010

too small

I got some boots for Maggie, from someone,
and she would try them on and say they were too small.
so I put them up to her feet.
they definitely should fit.
what is the problem?
then I thought about it.
maybe there was something in the boot.
lo and behold- a little sock wadded up in the toe of one boot. I pulled it out, and now the boots fit.
thank goodness!
I felt like a bad mom for getting a little mad at her for saying they didn't fit, when I knew they really should. shame on me.


Lynn said...

Ha HA. I've done that before. And my smart one said..."Maybe that's why they gave the boots to me, because they thought it was too small for them too, when it really wasn't. It was just the sock." ; D

Joanne said...

I did the SAME thing with Kami yesterday at wally mart. trying to stuff these boots on her feet and getting frustrated and low and behold..... tissue paper crammed at the end. we really should start some sort of support group eh???

Jill said...

too funny! Poor little magsters!